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Manufacturing Methamphetamine

The manufacture of methamphetamine constitutes a felony in the State of Florida. If you have been charged with this serious offense, it is imperative that you retain legal counsel immediately. Do not say anything to an officer prior to speaking with a lawyer.

Methamphetamine is a controlled substance from the stimulant family of drugs. Methamphetamine is extremely addictive, and its manufacture poses a substantial danger to the accused and to those around them. So-called “meth labs” have been known to leak toxic chemicals into the surrounding environment, and even to explode on occasion. The State of Florida thus takes the manufacture and possession of methamphetamine extremely seriously.

Manufacturing Methamphetamine Lawyer in Broward County

If you or a loved one have been accused of manufacturing methamphetamine in the Broward County area, it is imperative that you secure legal counsel immediately. The punishments for methamphetamine manufacture in the State of Florida are steep, and you need a professional to assist you in preparing your defense and avoiding legal consequences.

Evan A. Hoffman is an experienced criminal defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale who represents clients accused of drug offenses in Pompano Beach, Lauderhill, Coral Springs, Dania Beach, Plantation, and many nearby areas in Broward County. He can review your case and help you understand your legal options as soon as you call (954) 524-4474 to schedule a free, confidential consultation.

Potential Punishments for Manufacturing Methamphetamine in Florida

In the state of Florida, a person may be charged with manufacturing methamphetamine if they are alleged to have been in possession of a mixture containing amphetamine or methamphetamine or phenylacetone, phenylacetic acid, pseudoephedrine, or ephedrine and any tools that may be used in the manufacture of the drug.

Possession of or manufacture of 14 grams by weight or above of methamphetamine is punishable on the first offense by up to 25 years to life in prison. Possession of amounts above 14 grams but less than 28 grams is punishable by a fine of 50 000 dollars and a mandatory minimum sentence of three years in prison. Punishment for manufacture and possession of methamphetamine escalates with the amount of the drug alleged to have been in a person’s possession.

In order to be convicted of this offense, the state must prove that the defendant had full knowledge of and control of the methamphetamine alleged to have been in their possession.

The Hoffman Firm Lawyer for Methamphetamine Manufacturing Charges in Fort Lauderdale

If you or a loved one has been charged with the manufacture or possession of methamphetamine in the Fort Lauderdale area, you must retain legal counsel as soon as possible. The Hoffman Firm defends all cases related to methamphetamine manufacturing and drug trafficking offenses in Broward County, including Pembroke Pines, Cooper City, Deerfield Beach, Hollywood, Hallandale Beach, and several other surrounding communities.

Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney Evan A. Hoffman has experience handling these types of cases on both sides of the aisle as a former Assistant State Attorney for the Broward County State Attorney's Office. You can let him evaluate your case during a free initial consultation as soon as you call (954) 524-4474 or fill out an online contact form today.

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All fields are required. The use of this form for communication with our personnel does not establish an attorney-client relationship.

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Evan A. Hoffman

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