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Sexual battery of a child in Fort Lauderdale can carry serious consequences. Sometimes the accused is not apprehended right away, and by the time a trial occurs in Broward County the victim is much older and lives elsewhere. Can a victim be compelled to come from another country to testify in a child sexual battery case? Does a victim testifying by satellite violate the Confrontation Clause? These are all questions a knowledgeable Fort Lauderdale sex crimes attorney can help you answer.

In a recent sexual battery case considering these questions, the defendant appealed a judgment and sentence after being found guilty of sexual battery on a victim under age 12. He argued that the lower court had made a mistake in permitting the victim to testify by satellite.

Although the crimes were reported when they happened, the defendant fled and wasn’t arrested for more than ten years. The victim was an adult by the time there was a trial. Before the trial, the government asked that the victim be able to testify by satellite from where she lived in Australia. She applied for a return visa, but wasn’t approved at the time of the government’s request. She was worried about endangering her job and the financial hardship.

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In Tallahassee Terry Gorby was classified as a sex offender because he had consensual sex with his 14-year-old girlfriend. The mother of the victim found out and pressed charges against Gorby who was found guilty of lewd and lascivious battery on a minor.

Florida’s Romeo and Juliet laws were created in 2007 to address concerns about high school aged youth, consensually having sex with someone older than the age of consent, and being labeled sexual offenders as a result. Florida’s age of consent is 18 years old.

Romeo and Juliet laws are intended to protect young sexual offenders who were relatively close in age to the victim they had consensual sex with, from having to register as sex offenders.

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