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Broward County credit card fraud claims are taken seriously. Credit card fraud can be charged under federal or state laws. When charged as a state crime, it’s known as fraudulent use of a credit card. In a Florida appellate case, the defendant was convicted of multiple charges including fraudulent use of a credit card that violated Florida Statutes section 817.61.

On appeal, he argued only the lower court made a mistake in denying his motion for judgment of acquittal with regard to fraudulent use of a credit card. He claimed that in using the stolen credit card, he didn’t represent he was actually authorized to use it.

The case arose when the victim whose card was stolen was on retreat at a monastery when she got an alert her debit card had been used to charge something. The victim testified she didn’t give anybody permission to use the card. She knew she hadn’t made any charges and found her whole purse was missing. A monastery employee was told about the theft and said there’d been someone on the premises acting suspiciously and wearing a construction vest. The person tried to hide when he saw the employee.

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Being injured on the job can cause serious financial and resourceful hardship. These injuries can change your lifestyle, your method of enjoyment, and even your career path. Worker’s compensation was created to aide individuals who have been injured on the job, while performing their job duties.

Faking an injury or making a minor injury out to be more serious than it really is in order to obtain benefits can be tempting, but it will likely cause more headaches than it is worth.

Lying about an injury or pretending like an injury occurred at work when it did not can lead to serious legal consequences. Fraud is defined as a false representation. In the legal sense, it is a false representation of a material fact, whether by words or by conduct, that misleads or is intended to deceive another person so that she or she will act upon it to his or her detriment.

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