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Some people in Broward County do not realize that an injunction for domestic violence is a serious order. Violating an injunction can result in penalties. Even a temporary domestic violence injunction may be extended. However, certain rules need to be followed to get a temporary injunction extended. In a recent Florida domestic violence decision, a husband appealed the extension of his wife’s temporary injunction against domestic violence against him.

The appellate court explained that under section 741.30(6)(a), an initial injunction for protection against domestic violence can be obtained if someone is the victim of domestic violence or has reasonable cause to think she’s in immediate danger of being victimized by domestic violence. The injunction is supposed to last until it’s modified or dissolved. Either the person being restrained or the petitioner who obtained the injunction can make a motion to modify or dissolve the injunction and its terms at any time.

There are no specific allegations that must be made to get an injunction dissolved or modified. The relief can include not only dissolution or modification but also other criminal or civil remedies. It is also possible to extend an ex parte injunction by showing there is good cause to do so.

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