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Sometimes detention is a mandatory enhancement for disposition of a Florida juvenile criminal matter. In a recent Florida appellate case, the government appealed a delinquency decision in which the lower court didn’t commit a minor to a mandatory 15 days in secure detention for committing armed burglary of a conveyance.

The case arose when a witness reported seeing four males in a parking lot. They were trying to open car doors. Officers came to the scene and set up a perimeter. A particular minor was arrested. While he was detained, the police officers found a handgun had been stolen from a vehicle burglaries by the four suspects. The minor told them he knew where the handgun was, and took them to retrieve it from a particular location.

Another suspect said that a third suspect had given him the gun and he’d hidden it in the bush where the police found it. However, he didn’t say who stole the gun from a car.

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