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With years of experience as a Florida state prosecutor, Attorney Evan Hoffman has extensive knowledge in defending those facing criminal charges throughout the Broward County and surrounding areas of Florida. Evan Hoffman of The Hoffman Firm has a respectable reputaton in tackle a wide range of cases from felony criminal defense and DUI cases to minor traffic violations, and everything in between. Evan's fierce and aggressive demeanor has garnished  media attention throughout Florida. In lieu of the media attention, Evan is dedicated to getting justice for every one of his clients - even when the stakes are high. Attorney Evan Hoffman also has a second convenient office located in Miami, Florida.  

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High Profile Cases

Demarcus Paige

Mayor Carjacked Outside of Home

Texas Exonerees New Fight

Demarcus Paige, 17, is facing charges of armed carjacking and aggravated assault after having allegedly robbed Sanford Mayor, Jeff Triplett. Triplett claims that the minor and 2 other teenage males approached him in his driveway at gunpoint and made away with his wallet and car. Attorney Evan Hoffman will be defending Paige who is currently being held on secure detention. 

Marsel Oscar Reinoso

leaving the scene of a fatal automobile crash charge

Texas Exonerees New Fight

Liberty City resident Marsel Oscar Reinoso, 33, surrendered to Opa Locka Police and was transferred to Miami Dade Police Department for interviews. Reinoso was later arrested on a charge of leaving the scene of a car crash involving death. The fatal car accident in which Reinoso fled from claimed the life of 84-year old David Contreras. Attorney Evan Hoffman will be defending Reinoso. 

Livan Casola

Attempted Armed Robbery and False Imprisonment with a Deadly Weapon

Texas Exonerees New Fight
Livan Casola, 23, faces charges of attempted robbery and false imprisonment with a deadly weapon after he allegedly tried to rob a toll booth attendant armed with a knife on the morning of May 26th, 2016. Attorney Evan Hoffman will be defending Casola and holds that "Having seen the video, we obviously disagree with what the police report says. The video is pretty clear that there is no weapon in his hand, the lady was actually sleeping on the job." Casola has no prior criminal record in Miami - Dade County. 

Derrick Kuilan

Miami Police Officer Hits Two Civilians in Beach ATV Crash

Texas Exonerees New Fight

Former Miami Beach Cop, Derrick Kuilan, 33, faced 4 felony charges after hitting 2 people with his department-issued ATV while off duty and allegedly impaired in July of 2011. Kuilan was acquitted of driving while intoxicated (DWI) and found not guilty by the jury of two counts of driving under the influence (DUI), and causing serious bodily harm, but he was eventually charged with reckless driving with serious bodily injury and another, lesser count, of reckless driving.  Attorney Evan Hoffman's client avoided 5-10 years of prison, and was instead sentenced to 18-months in state prison.

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All fields are required. The use of this form for communication with our personnel does not establish an attorney-client relationship.

Evan A. Hoffman

Evan A. Hoffman

Mr. Hoffman’s philosophy is "our knowledge and experience is your best defense." He has been a featured author on criminal law issues such as driving under the influence, domestic violence and illegal searches.

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